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With the power of social media, BunNan BK became a go-to destination for Caribbean cuisine

BunNan BK is New York City's plantain destination. Created by Haitian American chef Nadege Fleurimond, the innovative fast casual restaurant is nestled in the Flatbush Central, a Caribbean marketplace in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Nadege approached Russo Strategic Partners with the goal of becoming the go-to expert for Haitian cuisine in America and driving more customers to BunNan BK.

We worked with Nadege to hone her personal brand and developed a short form video strategy for her personal social media profile to elevate her expertise on Haitian culture and cuisine. This strategy helped increase Nadege's Instagram following by 93% in a single month.

At the same time, we created irresistible food content for BunNan BK that disrupted TikTok and Instagram feeds across New York City, leading to increased buzz and sales. Influencer partnerships also helped drive more interest for BunNan and the entire Flatbush Central Marketplace, solidifying it as a hub for Caribbean culture and cuisine.

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