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"Coming Up Next..."

A phrase New York City news anchor, journalist, and author Tamsen Fadal says every night while anchoring the evening news.

But when turning 50, "coming up next" took on a whole new meaning for Tamsen. After posting about her birthday, she received lots of questions from women at the same stage of their lives about boosting confidence, staying ageless, and tackling what's coming up next for them—whether it's a career change, a divorce, or dealing with menopause. She realized these were the kinds of stories she wanted to tell next. The challenge she faced: how does she reposition her brand as a storyteller for women in midlife and grow this new audience around her content?

We advised Tamsen during this rebranding and brought her message onto TikTok, where she shares videos about her menopause experience and inspiring women to age well together. After several videos went viral, she grew to more than 100,000 followers in just 6 months. She has been called a "menopause TikTok star" and has been profiled in Forbes, Bloomberg, and Oprah Daily for her work driving the conversation about midlife and menopause on social media.