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"Coming Up Next..."

A phrase New York City news anchor, journalist, and author Tamsen Fadal says every night while anchoring the evening news.

But when turning 50, "coming up next" took on a whole new meaning for Tamsen. After posting about her birthday, she received lots of questions from women at the same stage of their lives about boosting confidence, staying ageless, and tackling what's coming up next for them—whether it's a career change, a divorce, or a new relationship. 

I worked with Tamsen to launch "Coming Up Next," a YouTube series and podcast featuring Tamsen in conversation with authors, experts, and thought leaders about how to create the life you want, no matter your age.

I oversaw the production and marketing for the show, which features incredible guests, like Jim Kwik, the world's #1 brain coach, and longtime GMA host Joan Lunden.

The series has drawn a new audience to Tamsen as she continues to empower women in their prime to unlock their bold.