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"I'm a badass baking bitch!"

Chef Danielle Sepsy is known as the "Scone Queen" for good reason—her scones, which had been delighting New Yorkers for years, won global attention after being praised by Dan Levy and the judges of HBO Max's "The Big Brunch."

But it wasn't just The Big Brunch that skyrocketed Danielle to national recognition. It was her robust presence on social media that opened new doors for her.

We worked with Danielle to hone her brand as a baker and Italian American chef with short form video strategy on TikTok and Instagram.

On TikTok, Danielle became the "Pastina Queen," with her inventive takes on the Italian classic going viral. When Ronzoni discontinued its line of pastina in early 2023, Danielle was called the media's go-to expert on the topic, and she made appearances on various shows including Good Morning America and Inside Edition.

Danielle's focus on creative short form video translated to larger media opportunities, more lucrative brand partnerships, and the growth of a community of "Gnomies" who love her and her baked goods.

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