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It's cool to work from the office when your office is at
The World Trade Center.

Photo: Silverstein Properties


Photo: Silverstein Properties

Silverstein Properties is the full-service real estate development, investment, and management firm best known for redeveloping New York's World Trade Center. The company, which operates a portfolio of high-quality assets valued at over $10 billion and has nearly 16 million square feet of real estate, has transformed skylines and enhanced neighborhoods for over sixty years.

With national office value taking a hit after the COVID-19 pandemic, Silverstein looked to our team to develop several short-form video campaigns that furthered a number of important goals: shifting perceptions about working from the office, creating buzz for Lower Manhattan as a place to live, work, and play, increasing the company's employee engagement on its social media pages, and emphasizing its position as an industry-leading developer.


Told Stories In New, Engaging Ways

How do you tell the stories of the people behind an iconic real estate developer on social media? Create content that matches the way people want to consume content.


To increase employee engagement and recruit new talent to Silverstein, we launched a short-form video series spotlighting employees across the company, from executives and property managers to accounting and hospitality professionals.

The videos, on average, received 2.5x more engagement than other posts and spurred more sharing activity among Silverstein employees.

20210902_SPI_Podcast_CoverArt2_R1_JB_6b (2).jpg

We didn't stop at short-form video. Upon the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we partnered with podcast production company MuddHouse Media to develop an audio documentary series for Silverstein, exploring the historic 20-year rebuilding of the new World Trade Center through the voices of those at the center of the action. "Top of the World: Lessons From Rebuilding The World Trade Center" featured developer Larry Silverstein, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, architects, and artists as guests.


The series reached millions of listeners after being picked up in an exclusive licensing deal with SiriusXM.

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